I'm Manuel "Manny"

A Front-End Web Developer with a business sense.

About Me

With over 3 years of experience in web development, my passion is building solutions to everyday problems with a business geared mindset.

My tools of choice are AngularJS, JQuery, Bulma, Bootstrap, MongoDB, NodeJS, ASP.NET MVC among others.

Thank you for stopping by, please look around, click on stuff and reach out if there is anything I can help you with or there's a project we can work on together!


The past 3 years

As a web developer, I found my true calling in building clean, practical solutions for everyday problems. The past 3 years I have been building real time applications for the logistics industry as a UX designer and front end developer.

Below is a quick recap of my experience.

Web Development

  • Currently building cloud based web applications with my favorite tools being Node, MongoDB, Express, EJS and Bulma framework for styling. Below are 2 sample applications using Rest API's.

Software Training

  • Supported and trained managers for client distribution centers. Opportunity to work from Vancouver, B.C to Sarasota, FL and several places in between.
  • Very quick to adapt and implement new company software. In charge of training teams at assigned site/location.

UX Design

  • Researched industry and worked alongside clients to ensure we had the correct information to build the right product.
  • Designed and build functional mockups to demonstrate functionality to client and gather feedback as soon as possible.


  • Work with Agile, Scrum methodologies for maximum transparency, collaboration and deliviring the right product.
  • Integrate well into teams, adapting to workflow and always learning from senior team-members.


Latest Projects

Below are 4 of my latest projects.

The Daily Equipment Checklist - A no nonsense, practical application for equipment pre-trip inspections in logistics. Login with admin for user & password.

Tracker - Is currently being worked on and is a real time unloading tracking application with a fully dynamic dashboard, graphs and lightning fast search. I've also included Twilio in order to send SMS notifications to drivers as the process is completed and am currently updating the design using the Bulma framework.  Just click 'login', no username or password is needed.

CSS Card Design - This is a smooth CV/Intro card design written in CSS. The idea was to create a template to be used as an intro, providing recruiters with the most common information requested. Name, Title, Location, Resume, References, Contact information and a demo of technical knowledge.

Alternate Resume - I was bored 2 Saturdays ago and wanted to build a 'type out', Skynet style resume. This was the result.

Daily Equipment Checklist See Live

This application is a simple, easy to use equipment checklist tracker. It was made for mobile, not intended for desktop use since a handheld device would be more practical while in use.
The design was kept very simple so we can use the same display/format for smart phones, tablets and usual warehouse hardware such as RF Scanners. >

Tracker See Live

This application is a Distribution Center real time tracking system developed entirely in Javascript with Nodejs, Express, MongoDB and EJS as templating engine.

This is the admin dashboard which gives the manager/supervisor a snapshot of the operation in one page. All data including charts is dynamic.

CSS Card Design See Live

This is a simple smooth CSS Card design I built to be used as a resume or introduction card. No frameworks were used, only CSS and HTML5 for markup and styling & JQuery for the animations.

I did use my favorite CSS3 feature (CSS Grid), love anything that makes for easier, cleaner code.

Alternate 'Type Out Resume' See Live

This is another sample intro card/resume that types out my information. Also added a little Terminator theme on Desktop view.
Fun project, pure front end with Vanilla JS and JQuery for the animations.


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